George Turner is an investigative journalist and investigations director of Finance Uncovered (UK).

Finance Uncovered is a network of journalists dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity journalism on the global financial system in over 50 countries. Turner is based in London.

Basic information

George Turner
Illicit finance, housing and planning
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Money Trail newspaper supplement

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Tax evasion

AMSTERDAM, BRUSSELS - In February 2021 a Dutch and a Belgian newspaper included a 16 page supplement about the Money Trail project.

The booklet featured four full Money Trail stories, plus a 'Stories behind the Stories' section, which revealed how the journalists went about to do their research and get their stories published.

The Lunatic Express

  • Corruption
  • Industry

How did one of Africa's biggest investment companies spend the money they collected from international developments banks for the refurbishment of the Rift Valley Railway?