Hamoud Almahmoud is the Editor in Chief of Harvard Business Review Arabia & Aliqtisadi.com/ Media Trainer/Researcher and TV producer/ presenter

He is specialised in financial and “follow the money” investigations, and Middle East Researcher for Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

Almahmoud has a Master’s Degree in Media and Communications, and ‎has received several fellowships and advanced training opportunities at BBC, ‎Reuters, IREX, IMF, Swedish TV and OCCRP. He won a regional prize with ‎Thomson Reuters in investigative journalism in 2008. 

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Hamoud Almahmoud
finance, organised crime
United Arab Emirates

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The Criminal Migrant Shipping Network

  • Migration

Smugglers, some of them organised in networks, are profiting from migrants’ despair by selling them their services, making a fortune in the process and fueling their criminal enterprise with cash.