Ida Eri Sorbye was a Norwegian freelance journalist and currently works with innovation at the Norwegian Refugee Council.

Ida Eri Sorbye: "How can we best prepare for the future, stay fit for purpose and create better services to the people we assist is conflict areas around the world? These are the great and challenging questions I get to work with everyday.  

I graduated with a joint masterĀ“s degree in political communication and journalism from the University of Amsterdam and Aarhus University, focusing my graduate thesis on the coverage of the refugee crisis in Scandinavian media.
As a freelance journalist I've been working on development projects in Peru, female migration from Nigeria to Europe, and illegal electronic waste flows from Europe to Nigeria.

I am a nature addict and spend as much time as I can outdoors. 
My longest love affair with nature was the four months I spent skiing from the southernmost to the northernmost point of Norway, with the tent and the sled as my companions. Spending long stretches of time in the wilderness teaches me about perseverance and the importance of details, skills applicable to all other parts of my life and work."

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Ida Eri Sorbye
Migration, waste

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Nigeria: Europe's Electronic Junkyard

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Thousands of tons of used electronics and illegal e-waste are imported into Nigeria annually. High demand for used European electronics, inefficient regulation, and a local lack of recycling facilities form a growing hazard.