Kateryna Sergatskova is co-founder and CEO of Zaborona Media in Ukraine. She is a former contributor to Foreign Affairs, NBC News, Esquire, Ukrainska Pravda, Hromadske TV in Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Kateryna was awarded the Kurt Schork Award in 2015 for her coverage of the Ukrainian conflict. In 2017 she received a prize from FPA for her coverage of Islamic radicalism. 

Kateryna worked as a war-correspondent in Eastern Ukraine over 2014-15, covering the conflict from both sides. Later, she reported on the Russian-speaking fighters who fought for Islamic State and other radical groups.

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Kateryna Sergatskova

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Ukraine as a Safe Haven for Jihadists

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KYIV - After the fall of a self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria dozens of thousands of foreign fighters fighting in the ranks of Islamic State or ISIS disappeared. They used smugglers, contacts and networks to leave the country. Many of them were looking for safe havens where they can take a break, wait for new opportunities and orders or come back to normal life.