Kristof Vadino works as a freelance photographer for Belgian and foreign publications. His pictures are published in De Standaard, De Tijd, Elsevier, Le Monde, El País, Trouw... He publishes news photos as well as documentary work.

Vadino lives in Brussels and operates worldwide.

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Kristof Vadino

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La vraie galère

  • Equality
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BRUSSELS - Last summer, a fire breather suddenly appeared in Brussels. Photographer Kristof Vadino became intrigued by the mysterious entertainer and started following the man.

©Kristof Vadino

The world behind your jeans

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The jeans or denim jacket that you bought recently have likely been made in Cambodia. A strike of thousands of textile workers was violently suppressed there a year ago. Journalist Ate Hoekstra and photographer Kristof Vadino show that not much has changed since then.