Luk is a Belgian investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker.
He already made several investigative news reports and documentaries. His general objective is to achieve the best research to capture shocking stories. He goes the extra mile to produce in-depth content.

Nominated - Belfius Press prize 2015 / Won - Belfius Press prize 2013 / Won - Intercultural Press prize 2010
Luk Dewulf

Basic information

Luk Dewulf
Investigative journalist and filmmaker
Education, health

Supported projects

Antwerp undermined

  • Organised crime
  • Cities

ANTWERPEN - Antwerp is being undermined. The port of Antwerp is the biggest cocaine import port in Europe. The drug crime creates invisible criminality that affects life in the city.

Mercy Killing

  • Healthcare
  • Human Rights

KAMPALA - Having a child with a disability poses severe challenges to parents, making their lives more difficult. For parents living in a very poor developing country it’s even more challenging.

Exit Concentration

  • Youth
  • Education

BELGIUM - In the documentary Exit Concentration, Luk Dewulf and Inge Wagemakers shed light on the Flemish educational landscape and give us a glimpse behind the scenes of the much-discussed but little-known concentration schools.