Margot Vanderstraeten (°1967) is a licenciate in translation of French and Spanish. She is a freelance journalist. Writer. Columnist. Assistant in interview techniques at the department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University.

She is also a ghostwriter. In 2006 she wrote a bestseller that - like she wanted - does not mention her name.


2009 Novel: Mise en Place published by ATLAS. ISBN10 9045015056 / ISBN13 9789045015057
2008 Interview book: Schrijvers gaan niet dood published by ATLAS. ISBN 9789045006659
2004 Novel: De vertraging published by Querido.ISBN 90 214 85028/NUR301
2002 Novel: Alle mensen bijten published by Querido. ISBN 90 214 84811/NUR301

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Margot Vanderstraeten

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Two weeks with Antwerp Jews in New York

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It's highly unusual. In October 2012, after years of friendly relations, Margot Vanderstraeten was able to get access to a small group of Antwerp modern-orthodox Jews who started a new life in New York – and don't want to leave. "I truly feel at home here. I can be truly Jewish here, too. And that is something that has never really been possible in Antwerp."