Martijn Lauwens works as editor-in-chief at De Morgen. 

He has a passion for the Middle East. He organised youth trips to Israel and Palestine, wrote his thesis on the settlements, volunteered in Ramallah and studied Arabic in Jerusalem. For De Morgen he interviewed Pink Floyd superstar Roger Waters about his Palestinian activism and wrote reports about the region. 

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Martijn Lauwens
Israel, Palestine, Middle-East

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Does Gaza have a future?

  • Armed conflict
  • Human Rights

GAZA - As early as eight years ago, the UN warned that the Gaza Strip was at risk of becoming unlivable by 2020. At the beginning of that year, De Morgen journalist Martijn Lauwens went to see what that means. He travelled around the isolated Palestinian enclave for a week and asked the people there how they live, how they see the future and what they dream of.