Specialised in open-source intelligence (OSINT) methods, Nouska du Saar can track ships, satellite imagery and navigate trade databases. She has traced plastic waste streams from the Netherlands and Belgium. She is an associate investigator with journalism collective Lighthouse Reports where she contributed to award-winning investigations into illicit arms exports from Europe. She is a freelance journalist for Dutch and international media.

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Nouska du Saar
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Illegal plastic waste trade avoids detection in port of Antwerp

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ANTWERP/ROTTERDAM - Heavily contaminated plastic waste from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe can be illegally exported via the port of Antwerp, unnoticed by inspectors, to countries where it ends up being dumped. Antwerp is an important hub for the international trade in plastic waste. But compared to the port of Rotterdam for example, it has too few inspectors and resources, which opens the door to criminal trade in plastic.