Two articles, one story - noise pollution in Western Balkans. Although constantly underestimated, this pollution is disturbing citizens of the region’s capitals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, noise has become a habit, which is precisely what should not happen.

As a result, people are not aware of the consequences on human health they are facing with permanent exposure to noise pollution. On the other hand, neither of the institutions is familiar, at least their unpreparedness to deal with this issue can’t be explained otherwise.

While only two capitals’ out of a total of six responded by sending the data from noise measurements, the results were poor. The other four, however, haven’t even possessed the requested information. Meanwhile, excessive noise pollution leads to psychological disturbances, sleep disorders, and the risk of cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases. Using a handheld noise meter, the authors measured intermittent noise levels in Belgrade, Tirana, Prishtina, Podgorica, Skopje, and Sarajevo.

The results were disappointing once again. Nonetheless, we stay optimistic since there are solutions available for reducing noise pollution, and are being implemented in some European Union countries, but have WB capitals done anything regarding it so far?


© Alem Bajramović

Team members

Ilda Kurti

Ilda Kurti is a journalist from Albania.

Ilda Kurti

Alem Bajramović

Alem Bajramović is a journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Alem Bajramović

Filip Mirilović

Filip Mirilović is a writer for the weekly Magazine “Vreme”, based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Filip Mirilović

Paula Fray

Paula Fray is an African feminist storyteller.

Paula Fray
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  • Buka, potcenjeni neprijatelj - Vreme Magazine, 01/12/2022

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