Roshan is a journalist and illustrator. She has worked extensively in Europe and the Middle East as a human rights monitor. She has also set up a number of community projects and spaces of cultural celebration, through radio, capoeira, DJing, exhibitions, music nights, art and mural workshops. Her studies at SOAS focused on the religion in the MENA region, before she did a masters in Human Rights Law. She is currently completing her legal training to become a lawyer.

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Roshan De Stone
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Torture, Covid-19 and forced deterrence at EU borders

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LIPA - On April 13 2020, the number of deaths due to the Coronavirus in Italy exceeded 20,000. That same afternoon, Saeed carefully packed his bag in the migrant camp of Lipa, Bosnia. Three portable charging batteries, a box of cigarettes, a sleeping bag, and a picture of his two children back in Pakistan.