Sébastien Gobert is a French journalist and traveller. After living in different countries in Europe, he settled in Ukraine in 2011 and started to explore the country.

He works as a press correspondent for various French-speaking media, i.e. Radio France Internationale, Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique, La Libre Belgique, La Tribune de Genève and more.

Gobert specialises in politics and post-communist economic and social transformations. As a press correspondent in Ukraine, he extensively covered the Revolution of Dignity and the war in the East of the country. He developed a strong expertise in the role of journalism in conflict environments.

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Sébastien Gobert

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Skype Villages in Ukraine

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Imagine a little town in rural Ukraine, with potholed roads, decayed public buildings, ill-looking gas pipes. And its broadband Internet. A few years ago, broadband Internet brought a second life to families in villages like that.