Wil Crisp is a freelance journalist that has worked for news organisations including Bloomberg, The Times, The Independent, the BBC, Sky News and The Guardian.

Over the last decade, working as a foreign correspondent, he has reported from conflicts across the Middle East and Africa.

Recently, he has focussed on investigations looking at political disinformation campaigns, environmental issues, and policing.

Wil Crisp

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Wil Crisp
Middle East, Africa, disinformation, environment, policing
United Kingdom

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Fake news production in the Middle East

  • Politics
  • Terrorism

BAGHDAD - This series of articles investigates the production and dissemination of fake news to sow instability in Iraq and the Middle East. It reveals how Iraqi (terrorist) groups are paying Facebook millions to churn out fake news, and gives an inside look in Hezbollah's fake news training camps.