Willem De Bock is a Belgian investigative journalist.

After a career in corporate communications, Willem De Bock became a valued journalist in the business press. Among other things, he wrote for the financial and economic newspaper De Tijd for 20 years. In recent years he has been a ghost writer and author of his own sports books about the cycling team Lotto Soudal, Belgian athletics and the Belgian national female football team, Red Flames.

Willem De Bock

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Willem De Bock

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Dossier Stadium

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BELGIUM - At the beginning of 2007, the Belgian FC Bruges launched plans for a new football stadium. A professional club derives a large part of the resources it needs from a modern and attractive stadium to maintain itself at the top in Belgium and to be able to participate somewhat internationally. New football temples have been built throughout the world for the last twenty years. But at the end of 2018, FC Bruges still does not know whether it can build. In the best case and at the earliest in 2022, it will have a new stadium. How is it that this process is so slow and difficult?

Dossier stadion