BRUSSELS - The Citi Journalistic Excellence Award for excellent financial and economic reporting will for the first time be organised as a Benelux edition. The programme is organised by the Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism and sponsored by Citi.

The Citi Journalistic Excellence Award began in 1982 as a way to promote quality journalism and to recognize journalists for excellence in financial and business reporting in the markets in which Citi does business around the world.

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have successfully been organizing the Citi Journalistic Excellence Award for over 10 years and have collectively sent over 50 journalists to Columbia University. Because of the increased number of participating countries and in order to keep the interaction to an optimal level, Citi and Columbia University have decided to limit the number of attendees. As a result the Benelux countries can no longer send an individual winner per country.

However, the concours will be continued and one winner per country will be announced. These three national winners will compete against each other. The ultimate winner will attend the seminar at Columbia University. The country winners will receive a cross-border grant from Journalismfund.eu which will allow them to work on a quality cross-border investigative journalism project.

The Awards

The Benelux winner
Will attend the seminar at Columbia University

The country winners
Will receive a grant from journalismfund.eu which will allow them to work on a quality in-depth and cross-border investigative journalism project.

The nominees per country
The runners-up will be invited to the Dataharvest European Investigative Journalism Conference in Brussels from 8-10 May 2015.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to financial/business journalists and freelancers, primarily with print media (newspapers, magazines), wire services and online media.

  • Articles must be published between January 1 and December 31 of the given year.
  • All entries must be at least 750 words.
  • The articles will be judged in their local language for the local Award.
  • For the Benelux Edition the articles will be translated into English and will be judged by all jury members of the 3 countries.
  • Former winners who participated in the program at Columbia University cannot participate

How to participate?

the required documents by EMAIL by 13 February, 2015 to

Lars Seynaeve
E-mail: lars.seynaeve [at] citi.com
+32(0)495 599 801

Bringing tools for investigations


An investigation made by Carlotta Indiano and Ariane Lavrilleux  showed that the world’s steel leader ArcelorMittal has exceeded several pollution limits authorized by European, Italian and French law for a decade. Meanwhile, the company headquartered in Luxembourg has received billions euros of public funds and indirect subsidies.  

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