PRAGUE - Local independent journalism, the most important source of truth in times of war, is today literally hanging by a thread not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and Belarus.

To provide immediate support to local journalists working under the most extreme pressure, we – a group of over 25 media support organizations and media outlets with deep experience across the region – are launching the Eastern European Independent Journalist Fund. The fund will pay for stories produced by Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian journalists who are reporting the truth on the war despite the enormous risks. The fund will serve as a lifeline to allow them to stay on the job even as their normal income plummets or vanishes, the direct consequence of living and working in or near a war zone.

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Eastern European Independent Journalist Fund
Photo by SSE Riga

New Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme


Within the Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme, SSE Riga calls all local investigative journalists in Europe for an intensive 4-week Sustainability and media management training programme.

Journalismfund.eu is hiring

Journalismfund.eu is hiring an Audience Engagement - Impact Manager


BRUSSELS - With its Earth Investigations Programme, Journalismfund.eu will substantially enhance cross-border environmental investigative journalism by supporting journalists, newsrooms and organisations. In order to further develop and implement this project, Journalismfund.eu vzw is looking for a full-time Audience Engagement - Impact Manager.


New project website for Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme


We are excited to announce that our new grant programme, Local Cross-Border Journalism, has launched a new website.