A major manufacturer of the insecticide chlorpyrifos Corteva Inc will stop making the chemical at the end of the year. This became possible thanks to Journalismfund.eu-supported cross-border investigation on chlorpyrifos conducted by the collaborative team of journalists from Poland, Denmark and Slovenia. 

Chlorpyrifos has been widely used on corn, soybeans, almonds, citrus, cotton, grapes, walnuts and other crops, but cross-border journalistic research explained the devastating effects of chlorpyrifos for consumers across Europe and found serious health effects in children, including impaired brain development. After this year, farmers will not be allowed to use this agricultural pesticide. 

The investigation process has been initiated by Investigative Reporting Denmark and Danwatch with the support of media from Belgium, France, Norway, Spain and the United States. The collaborative team of Polish, Danish and Slovenian journalists was supported by the European Cross-Border Grants and received €14,500 allocated on 20th June 2018. Such a great collaboration produced more than 16 stories in over 6 countries in Europe and beyond. 

Earlier last December chlorpyrifos-methyl and ethyl have been banned by the EU. The EU Member States voted yes to ban chlorpyrifos from the market. During a meeting of the the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCOPAFF) on 6 December 2019, the Member State representatives voted against the renewal of the authorisation for both insecticides, which was due to expire on 31 January 2020. Corteva is a leading seller of chlorpyrifos in the United States and has 20 % of the global market. 

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© Photo: Marcos Garcia Rey

Spanish award for Land of plenty, land of but a few


MADRID - "Land of plenty, land of but a few" has won the King of Spain International Journalism Award in the category environmental and sustainable development journalism. This multimedia project was realized by four journalists from Mozambique, Portugal and The Netherlands and supported by Journalismfund.eu.

2019 - Year of records and progress for Journalismfund.eu


For Journalismfund.eu 2019 proved a year of consolidation and continued growth for its current programmes and its grantees. Record amounts of grant money over the past two years – 920.651 euro in 2019 and 1.230.567 euro in 2018 – were allocated to the teams of journalists worldwide. In 2019 alone, we supported 119 projects consisting of 262 journalists all over Europe and beyond. 

Money Trail project

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