Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), first centre for investigative reporting in Italy, launched  its media outlet, IrpiMedia. It will be mainly an investigative media outlet, hosting written investigations and features but also documentaries and podcasts: its first release is with Verified, out now on Stitcher. 

IRPI was born in 2012 as an association of professional investigative journalists based in Italy. Many IRPI's members are longtime partners of Journalismfund.eu, some of them are members of Journalismfund.eu's Advisory Board. In keeping with IRPI’s tradition, investigations will all bring a transnational perspective and will focus on issues such as the evolution of international organized crime and Italian mafias in the world, money laundering, migrations, environment, cybersecurity and surveillance.

IRPI's own independent media outlet will also curate a news section. But unlike mainstream media it will only focus on its specialized niches and only run news based on their newsworthiness and public interest value. IRPI also offer members of the public who want to send anonymous tips a secure whistleblowing platform, called IrpiLeaks. Established in 2013, it has led to several important investigations. 

IrpiMedia will be completely free and without ads, supported by grants and donations. Citizens donations will be crucial, especially in hard times like the Covid19 situation in Italy. 

Please, visit IrpiMedia website to find a dedicated section to support its activities. You can also post a selfie or a video by using hashtag #LeggoIrpiMedia and #IreadIrpiMedia and saying why you read them or support them.