COPENHAGEN – The Migrants Files, a collaborative data-driven journalism project realised with the support of Journalismfund.eu, has been awarded the European Press Prize Innovation Award 2015.

The Migrants Files aimed to precisely assess the number of men, women and children that died on their way to Europe as a result of EU Member States migration policies. It was published simultaneously on March 31st 2014 in L’Espresso (Italy), RadioBubble (Greece), Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), Sydsvenskan (Sweden), Le Monde Diplomatique (France) and El Confidencial (Spain). Many more publications followed.

The Innovation Award is given to a project that has made a clear contribution to journalism’s future – in terms of presentation, technicality or editorial techniques. The Preparatory Committee of the European Press Prize states that this year it thought "the greatest innovation in journalism was the rapid growth in cross-border investigations between reporters working for different but co-operating newsrooms.”

The Award is for 10,000 euros.

The Migrants Files team: Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Jacopo Ottaviani, Sylke Gruhnwald, Jean-Marc Manach, Jens Finnäs, Daniele Grasso, Ekaterina Stavroula, Alessio Cimarelli, Andrea Nelson Mauro and Alice Kohli.

The European Press Prize acknowledges and encourages the highest achievements in European journalism. In addition to the Innovation Award, three other awards were also presented: for Investigative Reporting, for Distinguished Writing, and a Commentator Award. The winners were announced during an award ceremony in Copenhagen on April 13th.

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