BRUSSELS - Do you have doubts about how to apply for our Modern Slavery Unveiled grant programme? Journalismfund.eu offers advice to journalists with questions about their idea or application. 

Our project coordinator Paola Condemayta will be offering pre-application advice via Zoom on 5 & 6 July, 2022 between 9 AM and 4:30 PM CEST. In this  30-minute meeting, we will discuss your proposal, ideas and any questions that you might have to help you move forward with your application. This is a perfect opportunity for interested journalists to pitch their story idea and discuss whether it is eligible for a grant. 

Please click here or scan the QR-code above to arrange a half-hour time slot for a session. Please note that all times are Brussels time.

Grant deadlines
The deadline for Modern Slavery Grant Programme is 15 September 2022. This is the last deadline of 2022.

Next deadline: 16 March 2023 

Come prepared
We are expecting a good amount of compelling and interesting applications for this round. Book your session now. Juries are looking for well-prepared applications and we want to help you get the chance to be selected.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Cross-border teams of at least two journalists can submit a proposal for a journalistic investigation.
  • The applicants must be professional journalists (written or audio-visual press). Personal references and/or references to earlier work are essential in that respect.
  • Only natural persons can apply for a grant.
  • The project proposal must focus on an aspect or case of the exploitation of Asian victims of human trafficking and/or forced labour in Europe.
  • The project must be published by at least two professional news outlets in at least two different countries. Letters of intent for publication from at least two professional news outlets are required.
  • Investigative journalism published by professional media in any form is eligible, no matter whether print, online, broadcast or cross-media. All journalistic end products qualify for a grant: newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television documentaries and series, photo-reportages and books, podcasts and journalistic non-fiction books.

Find info about the grant programme here.

Please note: although we may examine your application formally and possibly suggest improvements, this does not, in any way, guarantee a positive evaluation of your application. That decision is made in complete independence by the jury.

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Journalismfund.eu is hiring an Audience Engagement - Impact Manager


BRUSSELS - With its Earth Investigations Programme, Journalismfund.eu will substantially enhance cross-border environmental investigative journalism by supporting journalists, newsrooms and organisations. In order to further develop and implement this project, Journalismfund.eu vzw is looking for a full-time Audience Engagement - Impact Manager.

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New Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme


Within the Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme, SSE Riga calls all local investigative journalists in Europe for an intensive 4-week Sustainability and media management training programme.

Pre-application Sessions

Questions? In-house assistance to better prepare your application


BRUSSELS - Let us walk you through your application to increase your chances of getting funded.