Within the Local Cross-Border Journalism grant programme, SSE Riga calls all local investigative journalists in Europe for an intensive 4-week Sustainability and media management training programme.

It provides essential training in fundamental business skills, comparable to a compact MBA programme, enabling those who have launched or who direct independent news media outlets to develop sustainable business models.

One-year module-based programme:

  • Four intensive five-day modules spaced two months apart;
  • Up to 20 trainees;
  • Faculty selected on the basis of their experience in media and business industry as well as the ability to teach experienced managers;
  • Programme provides essential training in fundamental business and leadership skills, comparable to a compact MBA programme, focusing on media industry;
  • Individual projects developed by trainees during the programme are presented in front of investors and financial advisors at the end of the course;
  • Mentoring provided throughout the programme;
  • English as the language of instruction;
  • School located at the heart of Riga centre in a beautiful art nouveau district.

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