BRUSSELS - Journalismfund.eu has launched its new website today. The application form, archive functions and general lay-out and usability have been improved. At the same time there is a new call for proposals.

Journalismfund.eu relaunches its website with an updated look-and-feel to better present our grantees work and our resources: the application for grants, our grantees and the networking options in the European investigative journalism community including links and agenda.

On the functional side we are happy to offer a new and easier-to-use application form. On the new site applicants can register with all the relevant data about the main applicant and the team members. They then can log into their document and file the application when they are ready. Also, it is now possible if necessary to add further documents until the deadline.

On the presentation side we are happy to provide better exposure to our grantees. Along with each article published the research team can be presented. This will allow future networking and make contacts easier in the journalism community.

Another means of making contacts easier is the agenda. Journalismfund.eu has for a while had a very well updated agenda particularly with the activities of the investigative journalism community in Europe. With the new website this can be better displayed – all actors are thus invited to share their events with us for broad distribution to a European journalist community.

Journalismfund.eu in its advisory board unites representatives from the investigative journalism community in most European countries. We thus have an excellent network throughout Europe and are happy that we will now be able to better display information about the European and global investigative journalism community.

Do keep an eye on our work by joining our newsletter, which we’ll send out about six times a year as well as for special occasions like a new call for proposals. (Subscribe on the homepage.)

The latter is the other news of the day. Read more about the new call for proposals here

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