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We understand the stress that comes when submitting a funding application for your next project. Journalismfund Europe offers individual pre-application meetings with all journalists interested in applying to any of our grant programmes (e.g., European Cross Border Grants, Professional Development Grants for Environmental Journalism, SoJo Europe, European Local Cross-border grants, Environmental Investigative Journalism, Fossil Fuel Grants, Pascal Decroos Fund & FPD Low Countries). Talk to our project coordinators and dispel your doubts during these sessions.

The process can be overwhelming but we are here to help you. Book your online pre-application session with the project coordinator assigned to the grant programme you are interested in based on the dates available. In this 30-minute meeting, we will discuss your proposal, ideas and any questions that you might have to help you move forward with your application. This is a perfect opportunity for interested journalists to pitch their story idea and discuss whether it is eligible for a grant.  If you also need to find a teammate to develop your cross-border investigation we want to assist you find the right one.

Come prepared
Make the most of your call by checking out our helpful tips for each grant beforehand.

Find below the FAQ for each grant programme.

How to arrange a call with the grant coordinator? 

Please find a slot via Calendly: 

At Journalismfund we speak several languages, so if you prefer to speak in a language that is not English, please choose that language below and indicate in the comments field which grant programme you are considering to apply to:

  • Reuniones de pre-aplicación en español
  • Pre-applicatie meeting: Nederlands
  • Réservez votre séance de pré-candidature en français
  • Prenota la sessione di pre-applicazione in italiano
  • Выбрать время для звонка на русском
  • Başvuru öncesi oturumunuzu ayırtın Türkçede
  • Spotkania przygotowujące do złożenia aplikacji po Polsku 
  • Zakažite informativnu sesiju pre prijave na Srpskom

Please note: although we may examine your application formally and possibly suggest improvements, this does not, in any way, guarantee a positive evaluation of your application. That decision is made in complete independence by our anonymous jury.


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Children wrongly put up for adoption

Human Rights Organisations Call on Cabinet: Stop Adoptions Immediately


THE HAGUE - A group of children's rights and advocacy organisations is calling on outgoing minister Weerwind (Legal Protection, D66) to also stop ongoing adoption procedures with immediate effect. They are doing this in response to reports by Investico and TV programme Zembla. According to the group, it is "completely irresponsible" to finalise the ongoing procedures.