BRUSSELS - For the first round of 2019, 17 applications were submitted to the European Cross-border Grants jury. There was balanced participation of men and women in the 17 teams (24 female and 26 male journalists).

In this cycle, we received 17 applications with a total of 50 journalists participating in all teams. From the main applicants, 11 were men and 6 were women. We had balanced participation of men and women in the 17 teams (24 female and 26 male journalists).

The majority of applicants were freelancers – reporters and photographers – and only 12 were staff members of media organisations. At least 23 nationalities were represented with a strong representation of journalists from the Netherlands and Romania.

Investigations vary in duration, deliverables and cost. The median amount asked was 13,210 euros and the available fund to distribute was 63,000 euros. The majority of the projects will be published in digital media and print media. 

Jury decision

The jury has awarded 7 teams a grant to do their research. The total amount granted is 60,250 euros. 

The next application deadline is on the 15th of April. Those who have questions can send them to our project coordinator katerina.voutsina [at] journalismfund.eu or sign up for a 30-minute consultation here