OSLO - In police questioning, the norwegian terrorist accused Anders Behring Breivik (32) said he is the man behind the book "A European declaration of Independence". The book gives detailed information on why and how to attack the SKUP conference, aiming to kill as many journalists as possible.

The book manuscript is a declaration of war, and the 1500 pages manuscript contains detailed terror recipes and Islamophobic remarks. Its penned by someone who calls himself Andrew Berwick. This should be identical to the terror accused Anders Behring Breivik, but has not yet been officially confirmed.

Seven people are confirmed dead after the explosion in the government quarter in Oslo the 22nd of July. 85 people are confirmed dead after attack on Utøya the same day. Several are still missing.

To illustrate; in Norway, there is an annual gathering called the SKUP conference (the organization for critical and investigative press) where the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations media/news companies attend (500 delegates - 98% of them are considered “quality category B traitor targets” the manuscripts says."

And further: ”The conference lasts for 2 days and is usually organized at a larger hotel/conference center. Security is light or non-existent making the conference a perfect target.”

The book gives detailed information on why and how to attack the conference, aiming to kill as many journalists as possible:

  • Targets: a concentration of 500 category B traitors
  • Primary/initial assualt method: 1-3 source detonation (vehicle based “barrack buster”
  • covered with several layers of projectiles for maximum damage, f example small steel projectiles)
  • Goal: collapse of building causing maximum casualties coupled with secondary assault method
  • Secondary assault method: flame thrower, assault rifles, grenades, executing the survivors of the initial blast(s).

- This just emphasizes the madness of the tragedy that took place on Saturday. Pointing out a political organization or a journalist conference as targets, is a direct attack in the core of democracy and freedom of expression. SKUPs thoughts goes to all the victims of the terrorist bomb in Oslo and the massacre at Utøya and their relatives, says SKUP chairman Heidi Molstad Andresen.

- Risky missions makes journalists a vulnerable group worldwide. This is first and foremost a tremendous tragedy for all those affected by the terroris attack the 22 of July. But Breivik's manifesto is a reminder that journalists also can be a targets as such. SKUP will bare this in mind while planning our next conference, and urge all other journalism organizations to do the same, says Molstad Andresen.

End note in the section:
A severely burned category A or B traitor will in reality become a living symbol of what awaits individuals guilty of trying to sell their own people into Islamic slavery. They will act as a deterrent and contribute to spread fear in the hearts of the rest of the traitors and will thus cause more ideological damage than that of a dead body. He or she will become a living testament to what will happen to any and all category A and B traitors and everyone will learn that high treason is not without risks.

Source: SKUP

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BRUSSELS - Today Journalismfund.eu opens two new grant programmes for environmental journalism: one for cross-border teams of journalists and news outlets to investigate environmental affairs, and one for organisations to develop training and support services.

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