MIASTKO - BYTÓW - InfoGIFT is an application that aims to increase Readers' awareness of local events. It encourages you to read the entire article with comprehension. You earn points for reading, which you exchange for prizes.

InfoGIFT is a supplement to our local information portals. The mobile application is a system of rewarding Readers for reading comprehension. At the end of each article there is a question with 3 answers. One is correct. You can only answer once. You get 1 point for a correct answer. After collecting a certain number of points, the Reader may apply for a prize. The application has a catalog of gifts with information about the stock status of individual prizes. It can be compared to loyalty programs at petrol stations. In this case, it's a reading comprehension program. Ultimately, the awards are obtained from the budget financed by advertisers for the publication of sponsored articles. A reader for reading a sponsored article receives 10 points. The advertiser can be sure that his message will reach the recipients. The recipient is more aware. He earns points by reading articles about important local issues. Each new message is a notification in the application. We will become independent of social networks. We reach the recipients directly. 
The project is covered by a patent application. It will be developed. We already invite publishing houses from all over Europe and the world to participate in the InfoGIFT project - redakcja [at] ibytow.news (redakcja[at]ibytow[dot]news)

Target group

In the first stage, readers of our information portals - www.ibytow.pl, www.miastko24.pl and www.hej.slupsk.pl, which we want to launch soon, will benefit. The creation of this portal is included in the budget. It is to operate in the city of Słupsk with a population of almost 100,000. There is currently only one information portal there, belonging to a government media concern. Currently, each of our portals is visited by over 40,000 people per month. The application is to increase the number of Readers, encouraged by prizes for reading.

Goals of the project

There is a problem of low Reader Engagement in local society and across Europe. People often only read the titles. Engagement on a social networking site does not translate into engagement in reading text on a news portal. Only about 30 percent of the recipients of a link shared on a social network (e.g. Facebook) click the link, and then an even smaller group reads the entire text. For this reason, despite the intensive activities of the local media, public awareness of important local, national and international issues is limited. We want to change that. Rewards for reading will definitely result in greater engagement. These will be mainly small gifts, e.g. an iron, a ball or a discount coupon donated by the client ordering the advertisement.


Compass sp. z o.o.

Two people run Compass. I, Mateusz Węsierski, have been a journalist since 2005.

€33.650 allocated on 27/06/2023

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