COPENHAGEN - The international humanitarian organisation Humana runs a recycling business in Europe worth more than 100 million euros. However, only 13% of their earnings appear to end up in the developing world.


They say it goes to developing projects - but 87% of the revenue from recycled clothing stays in Europe

On each collection bin where European citizens in good faith can dispose of their used clothing, thinking that as much as possible will go to foreign aid, Humana tells a story about farmers clubs, education projects and health actions being made in the global south.
But by going through the public accessable financial statements of the European Humana organisations with close comb the journalists conclude that only 13 percent of the earnings end up in the developing world. 

Photo: Ronja Pilgaard 

Team members

Jesper Nymark

Jesper Nymark (Denmark) is the executive director & editor at Danwatch. 

Ronja Pilgaard

Ronja Pilgaard is a prize nominated Danish investigative journalist.

Argunaldo Nhampossa

Argunaldo Nhampossa works as a journalist for the newspaper SAVANA (Mozambique) for 12 years. 

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