ANTWERP - 5G promises to become the infrastructure of the future. For example, the new, fifth generation of mobile internet would be up to one hundred times faster than 4G, and will provide a platform on which new technology is built. The most innovative things, from remote operations to autonomous vehicles, will become possible via 5G. But our mobile internet is also increasingly becoming a critical infrastructure around which many conflicts are emerging. Today, we fear that the Chinese are bugging us with 5G, that its radiation is giving us cancer, that 5G is being rolled out too slowly in our country and even that it will cause our companies to close down.

That's why Tom Cassauwers takes the reader on a tour of the world of 5G. He looks which worries are justified and where the hype is taking over. He takes readers to the Huawei offices, but also to anti-5G demonstrations in Switzerland. He takes a look at 5G from the perspective of top politicians and telecom executives, hard opponents, hardcore believers and experienced scientists. This book shows why our digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. It explains in an accessible way why we all, as citizens, politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists, need to pay more attention to how we are connected. 

Team members

Tom Cassauwers

Tom Cassauwers is a Belgian freelance journalist who writes about technology and its impact on our economy and politics.

€ 2.450 allocated on 6/05/2019.

BOOK (in Dutch)

  • Title: 5G 
  • Subtitle: De ruggengraat van onze toekomst.
  • Editor: Pelckmans Pro
  • ISBN: 978-94-6337-208-4
  • Date of publication: 9/03/2020


  • 25/03/2020, 19u30, Standaard Boekhandel Antwerpen: more info.

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