The Flemish public service broadcaster's America watcher, Björn Soenens, takes you on a fascinating journey through America - the country and its citizens. Read about that amazing country, full of dreamers and deceivers.

The country with the colour of ketchup. From Cadillac to credit crisis, from Gordon Gekko to Coca-Cola and from American Dream to the iceberg of frustration and the climate of hate. From McDonald's to Nixon, from Hoover to Obama, from Al Capone to Barbie, from Pocahontas to Lindbergh. About the lobby machine and the lilliputians of Washington. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, from tobacco to drug war. Let's go get lost in the USA.

Amerika. Een biografie van dromen en bedrog ('America. A Biography of Dreams and Deceit') is a starter kit for anyone who wants to learn more about the last super power. No uninspired analysis, but a thrilling narration, interspersed with personal observations and checked for historical accuracy.

A fascinating journey through America's present and past: at once reference work and journalistic exploration.

The book is only available in Dutch.

Björn Soenens

Björn Soenens (1968) is America watcher for Flanders' public service broadcaster and heads its foreign affairs division. He is Belgian and currently based in New York. 

A working grant of € 2,000 allocated on 28/11/2011.

Title: Amerika ('America')
Subtitle: Een biografie van dromen en bedrog ('A Biography of Dreams and Deceit')
Author: Björn Soenens
Publisher: Lannoo
Number of pages: 400
ISBN : 9789401401616
Date of publication: 28 August 2012
Price : 29.99 EUR

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