BOTOSANI - The project addresses mainly to the population of this area. We try to tap into the growing demand for accessible, multi-format news delivery, making news accessible, informative, and convenient because staying informed should be effortless.

The project converts written articles into dynamic audio content using text-to-speech technology. Our website and our news app will have an audio section, very easy to access, sections designed especially for mobile phones. We'll create a daily abstract summarizing top stories for time-strapped professionals on the move, so they can choose exactly the news or analysis they want to hear. Additionally, our weekly podcast will offer in-depth analysis and commentary.

Target group

The primary audience would be the local residents of the county. These individuals are often underserved and have limited access to unbiased news. Providing them with accurate and timely information is crucial for their civic engagement and understanding of local events.

Given that this project is aimed at a specific county, it should cater to communities within that area. Different towns and municipalities may have their distinct interests and concerns, and providing localized news coverage can help bridge information gaps.

Targeting younger audiences, such as students in local schools and universities, is important for building a foundation of informed citizens. Including educational segments or news content relevant to youth can encourage their interest in local affairs. Because there is a significant diaspora population from the county living abroad, we consider catering to their need for news from their homeland. They often have a strong interest in staying connected to their roots.

Goals of the project

We recognize that to better serve our community and fulfill the vital role of journalism, we must adapt to the changing media landscape and cater to the preferences and needs of our audience. Through this project, we will add a way news is delivered to our readers and listeners. By transforming written news into engaging audio content, we aim to break down the barriers that have limited access to quality journalism. Our audio news will be easily accessible to a broader audience, including those with busy schedules or those overwhelmed by the huge amount of information they're bombarded with.

About the media outlet

SC Mediapress is the publisher of Monitorul de Botosani, one of the oldest local Romanian daily newspaper, first edition - 24th of June1995, published in Botosani county. We value our editorial independence, respect our readers and try to produce unbiased journalistic material. It is the only newspaper in the county that still has a printed edition, website www.monitorulbt.ro and a news app for Android ans iOS (Monitorul de Botosani).

€30.166 allocated on 31/10/2023

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