BELGIUM - How difficult is the balancing act between working on the Flemish labour market and believing in the Islamic god? With that question, Elisabeth Ackaert went to five Muslims living in Belgium.

Abderrahim, Najat, Najib, Musa and Hamid are lawyers, scientists, doctors, managers and teachers. They were born or raised in Belgium or have been living here for a very long time. They have a nice job, work together with Belgian colleagues but believe in Allah.

In this series of articles, all five of them explain why they chose their current job and how well it can be combined with their culture and religion. Doesn't their faith ever clash with the work they do? Are they never confronted with inner dilemmas? How difficult is the balancing act between their Islamic faith and the Belgian workplace?

Team members

Elisabeth Ackaert

Elisabeth Ackaert is a Belgian journalist.

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  • "Mik maar niet te hoog, zeiden ze", Metro, 10 juni 2013.

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