BELGIUM - 17 Raids between 1982 and 1985, 28 dead, more than 40 injured, barely 175,000 euros in loot and no one convicted. The Nivelles Gang is the largest unresolved judicial file in Belgium. Hilde Geens did what someone rarely does: she read the judicial files about the Nivelles Gang and discovered that she was being deceived.

"I don't think anyone knows as much about the Nivelles gang as Hilde Geens. I wouldn't even be surprised if the gang would call her if they didn't remember some detail. " - Guy Mortier

Eighteen useful tips to never find the Nivelles Gang:

1. Put on blinders
2. Don't check anything
3. Go on a ghost hunt
4. Keep tips and informants to yourself
5. Mess with supporting documents
6. Hire quacks
7. Keep the files separate
8. Throw everything in one pile
9. Don't trust anyone, especially your colleagues
10. Think of yourself as smarter than the others
11. Please don't think you can learn anything from someone
12. Hear only what you want to hear
13. Take the research away where it's progressing
14. Don't be tempted into teamwork
15. Leave the details to the suckers
16. You are only concerned with the bigger picture
17. Never finish what you started
18. Start again at 1

€ 4.000 allocated on 12/04/2012.

BOOK (in Dutch)

  • Title: Beetgenomen
  • Subtitle: Zestien manieren om de Bende van Nijvel nooit te vinden
  • Author: Hilde Geens
  • Editor: Manteau
  • Paperback: ISBN 978 90 223 2817 0
  • E-Book: ISBN 978 94 604 1297 4
  • Date of publication: 1 oktober 2013

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