Rudi Rotthier traveled through The United States of America and found nuance alongside persevering anger, bitterness alongside resistance, and most of all, a lot of misunderstanding.

A Republican border mayor who strives for good relations with Mexico and promptly loses the elections. A funeral director who returns to work at the age of seventy-four because his successor cannot handle the number of drug deaths. A broker who earns his living by moving conservatives from California to Texas. A lawyer who challenges the most discriminatory new laws. A restaurant keeper who is fond of the Kennedy’s but no longer hangs portraits of contemporary Democrats on the wall of her dorm room under the pressure of her family. Rudi Rotthier traveled through the US and found nuance alongside persevering anger, bitterness alongside resistance, and most of all much misunderstanding.

Rudi Rotthier

Rudi Rotthier is a Belgian journalist and travel writer.


€ 9.000 allocated on 07/04/2017.


De Verscheurde Staten van Amerika 
Language: Dutch
Date of issue: 1 May 2019
Number of pages : 256 pages
Editor: Atlas Contact
EAN: EAN 9789045037530


Welkom in Trumpland, Knack, 8/11/2017. (in Dutch)


'Hoe een drugsspecialiste haar eigen zoon aan heroïne verloor: 'Mijn kennis liet me in de steek', Knack.be, 21/01/2019. (in Dutch)

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