Far removed from the stadiums and the sports industry, this series portrays Brazilian fanatics. We meet people who are part of the real popular culture of the Brazilian Futebol.

In his series of web documentaries Fanáticos, documentary filmmaker Damien Chemin focuses his camera on the social function of football. From unknown teams in a far Brazilian region to anonymous players from various social classes and regions in Brazil, where football is still entirely a collective experience. Often football is also a form of self-expression, or a search for an identity for a population with so many mixed origins.

Chemin gives the floor to people who usually don't appear in the mainstream media. He is interested in them not so much because of their extraordinary sporting achievements, but because of their excessive passion, which is usually very moving and behind which often hides a struggle for survival and a search for identity.

Team members

Damien Chemin

Damien Chemin is a Belgian freelance cameraman and documentary maker. 

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