More then a hundred years after the publication of Joseph Conrads’ book ’The Heart of Darkness”. Marc Hoogsteyns checks if the situation in Congo has changed. Despite all the trouble the author remarks that there is still hope for this country.

Marc Hoogsteyns paddled down the Lukenie River, from Lodja to Kinshasa, trough the deep interior of Congo. A daring trip of more than 1500 kilometres. During this trip he met cannibals and he crossed areas in which no white people had been for more than 30 years. In fact the outside world seems to have forgotten that in this deep interior millions of Congolese are living a very poor and miserable life and that nothing is done to help them.

Marc Hoogsteyns

Marc Hoogsteyns (°1961) is a Belgian journalist who has been living and working in Africa for 25 years.

A working grant of € 4.000 allocated on 07/09/2009.

Publication in Dutch

Titel: Hart of Darkness revisited
Subtitel: Een verbijsterende kajaktocht dwars door het hart van Congo
Auteur: Marc Hoogsteyns
Uitgeverij: Lannoo

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