BAMAKO - The river Niger, Mali's vein of life, is in danger. Photographer Raymond Dakoua shows the great economic, social, human and ecological importance of Africa's third longest river. 'Le Djoliba' means 'the river' in the Bambara language.

Through his lens, Dakoua provides a glimpse on the way of life of the people of Mali living on and around the Niger. His work tells us about the step-by-step degradation of a waterway and of essential natural resources. It proves, once more, the dramatic consequences of drought. It raises awareness about the river and its surroundings, and the local and global impact it has.

Team members

Raymond Dakoua

Raymond Dakoua is a photographer of Ivorian origin who lives and works in Brussels.

Raymond Dakoua
A working grant of €3,450 allocated on 17/06/2008.


  • 'Mensen aan de stroom (Niger in Mali)' - MO* 66, July 2009

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