TAMPERE - Journalismfund.eu supports this capacity-building workshop for young Finnish journalists to upskill their Environmental Investigative expertise.

This project is an Environmental Investigative capacity-building opportunity for young journalists or aspiring journalists in Finland. The project aims to do so through a two-day hybrid workshop and a 3 month-long mentoring. At the workshop, attendees will be trained on the broader socio-environmental crisis affecting Finland and the EU. Knowledge sharing will apprehend how to find sources, collect data, build a story, pitch and publish, connect to your peers in the field, etc. After that, attendees will be mentored and supported to publish their work in different media outlets. The priority outcome is to get 10-15 young journalists trained and mentored to produce relevant environmental investigative journalism.

About the organisation

RARE is a next-generation media for the youth by youth, that creates journalistic content for social media platforms. RARE was founded in 2019 and everything we do gets inspiration from the SDGs. Our main platforms are Instagram and Tiktok and our main languages are Finnish and English. Currently, RARE has five employees and a wide network of freelancers working for them.

€17.000 granted dd. 14/07/2022

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