Companies, trade unions, interest groups, NGOs, professional lobbyists: they all do their best to influence Belgian politics. How do they do that, and by what means? How far do they go? How do they conquer the 'Rue de la Loi' and win politicians over? These are questions that seldom get an answer. Until now. In 'Lobbying in the Wetstraat' Dominique Soenens looks at how lobbying works.

When it comes to lobbying, Europe often comes into the picture. Rightly so, given the lobbying activities that take place there, but what about the Belgium? There is much less, not to say no attention for it. Dominique Soenens wanted to fill that gap. He pays special attention to situations in which lobbyists have disproportionate access to politicians, cabinet staff and policymakers and can therefore influence the decision-making process in an unbalanced way. And unfortunately, this often happens, as the book shows. As a result, democratic decision-making is under pressure.


Team members

Dominique Soenens

Dominique Soenens is a freelance (investigative) journalist.

€ 5.000 allocated in 2016.


BOOK (In Dutch)

  • Binding method: Paperback
  • Pressure: 1
  • Release date: May 2017
  • Number of pages: 247 pages
  • Publisher: EPO
  • EAN: 9789462671089

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