BROUMOV - The Participatory Journalism for the Periphery project will involve members of the public interested in journalism in the creation of content for the Our Broumov Region (in CZ Naše Broumovsko, abbreviated as NB) news website, the only purely regional media outlet that provides information on daily basis. 

Through a series of workshops, participants will have the opportunity to learn the principles of journalistic work and try them out in practice. The project targets the general public with special focus on students, seniors and minorities such as representatives of the Roma community so that each of these publicly underrepresented group has a voice.

Over the next six months, a series of workshops called the Journalism Simulator will be held for a group of people interested in journalism. Under the guidance of professional journalists, they will get an insight into creating content for the news media, learn the principles of journalistic work and most importantly: try out the job in practice. Media training with a focus on disinformation will also be an integral part of the workshops. The outcome of the project is an increase in the number of regular contributors to the NB website, better coverage of events in the region as well as building of an active citizenship.
The second part of the project is community building, which aims to connect the NB website with cultural actors, organizers of sports and community events, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in order to create a lasting cooperation. This will increase the visibility of NB and its readership.

Target group

  1. students and young people
  2. senior citizens
  3. cultural actors, organisers of community and sporting events
  4. marginalised groups, e.g. the large Roma group in the region
  5. the general public, including municipal and town authorities

Goals of the project

Although the Participatory Journalism project may seem educational at first glance, we also see it as a development project for our website. Now, the content of the site is created by one editor and a small number of irregular contributors (free of charge). So, the goal of the project is to cultivate a few regular contributors who will cover topics of their choice. We see students as an important target group, for whom the Journalism Simulator can be an inspiration for further studies and career paths. Equally important for us is the involvement of seniors and, finally, the often-neglected Roma minority. We don't know if this group will be able to participate in the long term, but we want to give them the opportunity and needed support. Together with the second part of the project, which is community building, we see an opportunity to increase - through richer content and connections with other partners - the readership of the Our Broumov Region website and its attractiveness for advertisers and other potential partners.

About the media outlet

The NB website is a regional media outlet that allows to focus on what is happening in the region, often in details that national media omit. It seeks to create a platform that allows better coverage of municipal projects and events in general with a wider reach than municipal newsletters usually have. The creation of such a platform not only spreads information among the public, but increases a sense of belonging, as well as the ability to cooperate.
The mission of NB is also to highlight the importance of peripheries, to strengthen the pride of residents in the place where they live and to support the building of a positive identity. The Broumov region is a remote, rural area on the CZ-PL borderline that still feels uprooted due to the post-war expulsion of the former German population. The region is currently at risk of becoming a socially vulnerable area due to the negative effects of the transformation following the fall of communism. Therefore, NB website regularly presents positive examples of people who live and work here to point out that, despite the challenges mentioned above, the place where we live has not only historical, cultural and natural riches, but is alive and changing for the better.

€30.000 allocated on 31/10/2023




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