AMSTERDAM - The official handbook of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists covers the internationally renowned Story-Based Inquiry method: a fast and effective way to organise and carry out journalistic research. Around it, the authors discuss the social, psychological, legal, financial, ethical and societal aspects of investigative journalism.

The book is full of practical tips, concrete step-by-step plans, handy checklists and telling examples from Flemish and Dutch media. Many pieces of advice have never been written down or published before. The authors are practising investigative journalists or otherwise involved in the daily work of investigative journalists. Most of them also have didactic experience.

Novice investigative journalists can use the book as a guide, experienced investigators as a reference work. Although this book is aimed primarily at journalists, the advice is useful for anyone looking for reliable facts for work or ideal - such as researchers of companies, public organisations and NGOs, activists and inquisitive citizens.

Team members

Luuk Sengers

Luuk Sengers is a Dutch experienced investigative journalism mentor.

Luuk Sengers
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  • ISBN: 9789461563057
  • Verschenen: 18-11-2022
  • Pagina's: 512 pagina's
  • Druk: 1e
  • Taal: Nederlands
  • Uitgever: Bertram + de Leeuw Uitgevers BV
  • Redactie: Luuk Sengers

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