SPAIN - Some 500 street vendors from Senegal, India and Pakistan work in the streets of Barcelona. Arkasha Keysers talked to them about fake sneakers, bad beer and the fear of a criminal record.

Every day, an estimated 500 street vendors spread their cloths in the center of Barcelona. From that cloth, manta in Spanish, street vendors get their collective name: manteros. The manteros are mostly men between the age of 20 and 35. Approximately 95 percent of them come from Senegal. The question is also: where do the manteros get their fake stuff?

Together with the Spanish photographer Carlos Roth, journalist Arkasha Keysers went to investigate.

Team members

Arkasha Keysers

Arkasha Keysers is a Belgian journalist and an occasionally photographer. 

Arkasha Keysers

Carlos Roth

Carlos Roth is a Spanish photographer.

€ 1.540 allocated on 8/7/2018.


Senegal aan de Ramblas, Knack, 31/10/2018. (in Dutch)


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