ABUJA - Nigeria is struggling with the threat of undifferentiated waste disposal and water pollution affecting the health of its citizens. Nigerian journalists Oke Peter and Damilola Shittu unravel how the effect of climate change, the inadequate waste disposal system and water pollution are endangering the lives of Nigerians.

Waste generation has been a problem for communities since the beginning of civilisation; humans have used different ways to dispose of waste. Landfill is the oldest and most widely used form of waste disposal. In the past, waste was simply left in heaps or thrown into pits. In 1960, when Nigeria had a population of 45,138,458, waste disposal was not the main problem. However, the problem of waste disposal surfaced in the early 1960s as Nigeria's population continued to grow. Its population now stands at 206,139,589.

Foto: ©Peter Oke

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