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Dirty Money for Clean Rivers

  • Corruption
  • Environment

BUCHAREST - For almost 9 years, Romania has been criticised and monitored by the European Commission for allowing the large-scale destruction of several mountain rivers for the purpose of building micro-hydropower plants, without complying with the Water Framework and Habitats Directives.

RISE Project

Power and Repression

  • Corruption
  • Exploitation

TUNIS - Since the 2011 Revolution for Dignity and Freedom, the European Union and individual member states have funded the Tunisian security apparatus with more than 500 millions euros.

Giovanni Culmone

The Non-voter Time Bomb

  • Politics
  • Social affairs

LISBOA - The non-voter time bomb is a data-driven journalism feature that profiles voter abstention across the European Union (EU) over the last 50 years and analyses it according to different demographic and socioeconomic indicators for each of the 27 member states.


Exposing EU Country That Killed Libyan Civilians

  • Armed conflict
  • Justice

COPENHAGEN - Denmark dropped bombs in four key incidents in which civilians were reportedly killed or injured in the 2011 war that led to the overthrow of dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, this investigation by Altinget and Airwars can reveal in partnership with the Guardian. 

Rasmus Raun Westh

The Border Graves Investigation

  • Migration
  • Politics

EUROPE - A cross-border team of 8 journalists confirmed 1,015 unmarked graves of migrants in 65 cemeteries buried over the last 10 years across Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Poland, Lithuania, France, and Croatia.

Migrants graves in the EU

Criminal Captains

SYROS - In April 2022, Abdalla Jaloul was convicted to 187 years in prison for human trafficking and homicide.

Fabien Perrier

Inside Europe’s Secret Conversion Therapy Conference

  • Equality
  • Human Rights

WARSAW – What brings a motley crew of British lawyers, Polish psychologists, American paediatricians, Malaysian church leaders and German doctors to a hotel on the outskirts of a European capital city? 

Katya Vakulenko / katyavakulenko.art

Death Threats Without Consequences

  • Human Rights
  • Religion

BERLIN - For almost four years, left-wing politicians, mostly of Kurdish origin, have been receiving death threats from social media accounts that share the far-right ideology of the Turkish Ülkücü (Grey Wolves) movement.

Ali Celikkan

Italian Connection: How Convicted White-collar Romanians Escape Jail Time

  • Corruption
  • Tax evasion

BUCHAREST - Dozens of people definitively convicted in Romania live today in Italy.

Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea

Anglo-Italian Job: Leonardo, AgustaWestland and Corruption in Indonesia

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption

ITALY - In 2015, in Indonesia, the Corruption Eradication Commission (Kpk) conducted an investigation into the purchase of an AW101 helicopter from AgustaWestland, now part of Leonardo Spa.

Fabio Papetti