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The Armenian Laundromat

  • Corruption
  • Finance
  • Tax evasion

YEREVAN - Since 2017, nearly 100 Armenian citizens have served as proxy directors for a network of companies that have been used by prominent Eastern European oligarchs to move millions of dollars, shift assets from shuttered banks abroad, and pay for lobbying services in the United States.

Freezing Mubarak and Ben Ali’s Assets: Many Violations, Few Results

  • Corruption
  • Politics

CAIRO/TUNIS - Despite sanctions on the late Arab dictators Hosni Mubarak and Zine el-Abdine Ben Ali, their clans and allies still own French property worth millions, casting doubts on the effectiveness of these sanctions. Recovering Egypt’s and Tunisia’s stolen wealth remains elusive.

Missing funds of West African shea collectors

  • Agriculture
  • Economy

OYO - The Danish government's Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) disbursed DKK 9 million to its Canadian partner Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA) in 2019 for a 4-year project to support Nigerian women shea collectors, but the project was terminated before the predetermined four years. The team looked into the project's effects and the reasons behind its abrupt termination in 2020.

Mass Misinformation: The UK Catholic Charity Funding the Italian Far Right

ROME - An investigation for Byline Times by the Citizens and il Fatto Quotidiano can exclusively reveal how a Catholic charity is being run by a former National Front member who has promoted a number of conspiracy theories and fundraised for a far-right Italian politician who was arrested and imprisoned for his part in violence which erupted at anti-Green Pass protests in 2021.

The Grainkeepers

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Politics

WORLD - Cereal is the new petroleum, farmland the new reservoirs of oil, and ships loaded with grain are the new pipelines. As the value of crops increases, every country in possession of this resource is in a position of power, and its transport to market is a politically-charged operation.

After the return

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

LONDON/TIRANA - Our team reported on the field in Albania, traveling to the cities of Tirana, Kukes, Elbasan and meeting young people who had recently been forcibly returned from the UK after arriving in small boats across the English Channel from Calais, France.

SOAS Detainee Support

Across Europe, “revenge porn” victims are taking on digital abusers

  • Justice

It’s a global problem on the rise. Digital image-based sexual abuse – a catch-all phrase that includes what is often called “revenge porn,” but also deepfake pornography and “upskirting” – exploded across European countries during the pandemic, according to aid organisations.

"In Norway, Mia Landsem, 25, uses her hacker skills to hunt down digital abusers."

Are MEP friendship groups and "pariah" regime visits driving disinformation in the European Parliament?

  • Human Rights
  • Politics

BRUSSELS - The EU notes respect for human rights as one of its core values. However a number of MEPs who represent democratic and liberal countries, have in recent years, become increasingly friendly with autocratic regimes including that of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. 

Being LGBTQI+ in the Wartime

  • Armed conflict
  • Human Rights
  • Youth

LVIV - The Ukrainian LGBTQI + community has been trying to organize parades since 2012 - then the organizers of the event canceled them because they were afraid for their safety. Today they are fighting not only for their rights but also at the frontline.

The Human Cost of G4S' Watch

  • Security
  • Technology

LJUBLJANA - What is the cost of security companies, such as G4S? One way of calculating the harm is counting the dead and the injured.