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  • Family
  • Health

THAILAND - In a small village in Thailand, Pomm takes care of Europeans with Alzheimer’s. Separated from her children, she helps Elisabeth during the final stages of her life, as a new patient arrives from Switzerland.

Chinese Flying Money: the secret key to China’s international trading success

  • Corruption
  • Organised crime
  • Politics

WINDHOEK - The single greatest obstacle that law enforcement officials have in combatting wildlife crime and related smuggling is the lack of a money trail that can be used as evidence in court to secure convictions against the key organisers of such transactions.

Where the Cape abalone ends up: shucked abalone shells on top of a non-descript building in New Territories, Hong Kong, where almost all abalone smuggled from Africa ends up as part of the fei qian chain before being smuggled into Mainland China.

The Mountain against the King

  • Energy
  • Ecology
  • Human Rights

IMIDER, MOROCCO - Imider is a very small community, but a world record has set it on the map. Here, in the South Moroccan Atlas Mountains, under a colorful Berber flag, the longest sit-in in the world is ongoing.

Persian Picnics

  • Art
  • Religion
  • International

IRAN - The Iranians are caught between two fires today. On the one hand they suffer the American sanctions, on the other hand there are many domestic issues to overcome. During the "Nowruz" period, we investigated this stifling position with various teams across Iran. The story about Nowruz transcends borders and identities.

Shot, concealed, contaminated

  • Environment
  • Europe
  • Health

PRISTINA - Twenty years ago, tons of depleted uranium ammunition were dropped on Kosovo. What happened to the soldiers who were stationed there? Why is the weapon still in use, despite all warnings? 

The impact of suicide

  • Health

BELGIUM - As a child, journalist Brecht Castel lost his father after suicide. Twenty years later he is left with questions. Questions that not only concern himself, because in Flanders an average of three people get out of life every day.

Journalismfund.eu’s innovation incubator supports AI-based factcheck platform

  • Europe
  • Innovation
  • Politics

BRUSSELS - Factcheck.Vlaanderen is a project that aims to counter online disinformation and polarisation in Flanders (the northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium). It is a fact-checking platform where man and machine cooperate to track, check and combat disinformation. The project is a unique collaboration between an AI-start-up, two media partners, two university colleges and a citizen participation company.

Messages from the dark side

  • Europe
  • Media
  • Politics

BRUSSELS - Across Europe, misinformation campaigns launched online by a handful of people, ahead of the European Union elections in May. The series of articles reveals the most common misinformation techniques and goes behind the scenes to meet those who fight it.


  • Health

Only when Corien van Zweden lost her left breast to breast cancer did she delve into the biology and meaning of this intimate part of the body. She discovered that there is no other part of the body with such a multi-faceted course of life as the female breast.

Miracle hormone or horror hormone: DESinterest for hormonal tampering

  • Health

BELGIUM - If you or your mother were born between 1947 and 1977, there is a chance that you will recognize yourself in this story about DES. Maybe your mother or grandmother took DES as a medicine when she was pregnant.