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Building Chayka’s capacity in the domains of local journalism and commercial sustainability

  • Journalism & Media

DAUGAVPLIS - The project centers on Chayka, the premier independent Russian-language news source in Daugavpils, Latvia. We aim to enhance its local journalism capabilities and financial stability by launching a creative studio for diversified revenue, and expanding news coverage in the underreported Latgale region. This initiative primarily benefits the Russian-speaking population, who often feel disconnected from Latvia's central government and the rest of the nation, providing them with trustworthy, inclusive, and relevant news content.

Innovative Development of Engagement with Local Readers

  • Journalism & Media

VAS COUNTY - SZOMBATHELY - With the help of the project, we aim to present as much real information and opinions as possible, to bring opinions into conflict, and thus to develop the advocacy capacity of citizens. We are present on almost all platforms (website, Facebook, YouTube, podcast platforms, Instagram, newsletter, live meetings), so we can reach a wide range of ages and social groups, including various marginalized groups. We have a significant social media following.

PresseLib’: New Contents for a Mature Local Media

  • Journalism & Media

PAU - The media is based in the city of Pau in France and it covers the news of the South-West region. It is targeting decision makers, general public, policy makers, economic decision-makers, and association members. 

InfoGIFT - Read with Understanding. You will be rewarded!

  • Journalism & Media

MIASTKO - BYTÓW - InfoGIFT is an application that aims to increase Readers' awareness of local events. It encourages you to read the entire article with comprehension. You earn points for reading, which you exchange for prizes.

EIF develops tool to investigative West African mining industry

PARIS - This project is the second phase of the West Africa Mining Monitor, an open source, GIS web application that allows journalists and civil society to analyse and investigate West Africa's mining industries as a whole.

Strengthening through training in environmental reporting techniques

  • Environment
  • Journalism & Media

NOVI SAD - In order to improve the capacity of independent media in the field of environmental protection, Journalismfund Europe is supporting this project aimed at small independent media outlets in the region of Vojvodina.

Travelling to Iceland with the Belgica

  • Innovation
  • Technology

GALWAY - For months now, the North Atlantic has been plagued by extreme heat waves. The new high-tech research vessel the Belgica is sailing to the polar regions for the first time to document and investigate the effects of climate change in the oceans. Journalists Arno Van Rensbergen and Johannes De Bruycker went on board for a week.

Headliner will train environmental reporters in live journalism

  • Environment
  • Journalism & Media

BERLIN - This project will train 25 environmental reporters in live journalism.

Local Spanish Media Against Climate Disinformation

MADRID - Local Spanish Media Against Climate Disinformation will equip 20 investigative journalists from local media outlets across Spain with the skills and tools needed to effectively identify and counter climate mis-/disinformation narratives as a cross-cutting issue in their operations.

Reporting on Climate Change – and its Significance for Democracy

POTSDAM - The international media conference M100SC invites around 100 representatives of traditional, established and young, independent media from all over Europe and beyond to Potsdam/Germany.