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Protect the “Green revolution” from organized crime and corruption

MILAN - This project is providing training for investigative journalists on how to monitor the spending around the almost €60 billion Italian Recovery Plan

Enabling better environment for all

  • Journalism & Media

MACEDONIA - Journalismfund.eu is supporting SCOOP Macedonia in this project aimed at raising awareness about pollution through investigative and data journalism.

Visegrad center for environmental cross-border investigations

CZECH REPUBLIC - This project is developing a network of investigative reporters from Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) who will then collaborate on cross-border environmental investigations.

Trainings for students: how to conduct journalistic investigations in the field of illegal logging and illegal forest exports from Ukraine to Europe

LVIV - A program for 200 students, a training series to improve the capabilities of upcoming environmental reporters in Ukraine. 

Training journalists to identify the polluters of Lake Ohrid, Albanian side

LAKE OHRID - DMO Albania is organising a training for journalists, centred on the environmental issues putting pressure on the ecosystem of Lake Ohrid (Albanian side).

Investigating deforestation - from tracing supply chains to Europe to solutions

  • Journalism & Media

SÃO PAULO - Journalismfund.eu supports this project aimed to train environmental reporters, trace supply chains linked to deforestation, follow money trails and deliver cross-border investigations on profiteering European markets. 

Into the Wasteland

  • Environment
  • Organised crime

LONDON - A highly-produced three-part, narrative podcast, it follows the dirty trail of British waste from dustbins in England and exposes a British system creaking under the weight of hundreds of millions of tonnes of waste - with illegal dumping happening with impunity both at home and abroad. 

Guide for research journalists

  • Journalism & Media
  • Education

AMSTERDAM - The official handbook of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists covers the internationally renowned Story-Based Inquiry method: a fast and effective way to organise and carry out journalistic research. Around it, the authors discuss the social, psychological, legal, financial, ethical and societal aspects of investigative journalism.

Hashtags in the battle for women's bodies in Egypt

  • Social affairs
  • Human Rights

CAÏRO - Those who hoped the 2011 Egyptian revolution would dramatically improve women's lives are being disappointed. More than a decade later, calls for equal rights and opportunities are ringing louder than ever. Social media are once again an ideal sounding board for emancipatory ideas. And the regime? As ever, it reacts defensively. Whoever does not go along with the official discourse on women's rights is gagged.'

100 years to stop the sea

  • Environment

HAVANA - The IPCC is clear: besides radically reducing emissions, the world must also prepare for the consequences of 1.5 degrees of warming of our atmosphere. How will we feed, shelter and protect ourselves in this heralded 'climate hell'?