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Ivo van Hove: Theatre from the Low Countries to Broadway

  • International
  • Art

Ivo Van Hove has conquered the world. As the leader of the largest theater company in the Netherlands, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, he makes theater productions that are enthusiastically welcomed worldwide.


  • Economy
  • Health
  • International
  • VRT

Kapelle-op-den-Bos is the birthplace of filmmaker Daniel Lambo. Life was good there, Daniel's father was a laborer and trade unionist in the local Eternit factory. The company was once one of the largest asbestos-producing multinationals in the world. Today we know the consequences of asbestos production and for many it's a problem of the past. However, the asbestos issue proves to be still actual when the activities of Eternit abroad are being scrutinized.

Chat Jihad

  • Religion
  • International
  • Terrorism

The Egyptian journalist Mahmoud Elsobky and the Palestinian television reporter and former UN employee Fady Al Ghorra spent a year searching, undercover, for online violent jihadist propaganda. How is it spread and how the phenomenon evolves now that ISIS is military - almost - defeated.

No boy, no girl

  • Health
  • Science
  • Charles Lewis

Fourteen years ago, Karen * gave birth to a daughter. A girl like other girls, but with a Y-chromosome, that's how Karen describes it herself. This Y-chromosome caused her daughter to develop testicles during pregnancy. Her body was insensitive to the testosterone that the testicles produce, so she developed as a girl. Coincidentally, Karen knew that something like that sometimes happens. Shortly before the delivery, she saw a documentary about children born with a variation in sex characteristics. She was already startled by the lack of specific support for parents of these children.

How Viktor Orbán is exporting his illiberalism

  • Corruption
  • Economy

BUDAPEST - In our project, we’ve discovered how businessmen related to the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán were buying up media outlets in Slovenia. 

Hungarian PM, Viktor Orbán is supporting the leader of the Slovenian far-right, Janez Janša. Orbán offers the help of his allies and hundreds of million forints from the Hungarian taxpayers.

Return to Iraq, a broken country

  • International
  • Migration

'Belgium remains a dream, but not a country to return to'.

No friends but the mountains

  • Conflict
  • Religion
  • Politics

Around 2014, several reports were published about the Kurdish women's armies. They were presented as courageous fighters who fought heroically against the ISIS. They stood out as a special appearance in the Middle East where usually men seem to make the decisions. They were feared by the ISIS fighters, because whoever is killed by a woman wouldn't go to heaven. The fact that these warriors generally looked good on camera attracted the attention of Australian and British news channels, such as the BBC.

Europe’s Hidden War

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

After more than two and a half years, the coalition has admitted to killing four members of the Hadid family in Mosul, Iraq in April 2015. Their story is told in Dagbladet Information as well as in a new 45-minute documentary on the Danish channel DR2 as part of the ongoing Journalismfund.eu-supported ‘Europe’s Hidden War’ project. 

Fire Champ

  • Media

KINSHASA - Redhorse Reporter Roel Nollet goes to Kinshasa, Congo to meet former professional boxer, Champion Ndangi. Champion doesn't only train the new generation of boxers, but also a new batch of video journalists. "The link between boxing and the press," he says, "is 'combat". "They pulled out my hair. Tied me up as a thief. But I don't think I should abandon the ring."

The future of the International Criminal Court

  • Justice
  • International

South Africa is seen as the most western country in Africa. It is not being investigated by the International Criminal Court, but is however planning to leave it. What is going on?