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Cuba after Castro

  • Politics

CUBA - Everyone has an opinion about Cuba, but in 'Cuba after Castro' Lode Delputte shows what is really at stake. Cuba's future is inextricably linked to its self-proclaimed glorious past. No reasonable person would doubt that Fidel Castro's time is long gone. Even the political elite in Havana have come to understand that today's revolution is but a glimpse of what it used to be.

'A Licence to Kill': the Dirty Legacy of Asbestos

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

Asbestos is the perfect model of a substance mined, industrially exploited and widely marketed as a miracle material without proper research into its long-term effects on health. Indeed, it went on being promoted long after it was recognised as dangerous. 

La fille du Grand Monsieur

  • Migration

Emma Dardenne, a widow living alone in Brussels (Belgium), was born in Rwanda in 1908 from a Rwandan mother and captain Heinrich von Bethe, a German officer on post in the German colony at that time. Despite the age of 95 and accompanied by her daughter Paulette and her grandson Manu she decides to revisit Rwanda to finally give them clear proof of her childhood stories.

After Years of Walking

  • Armed conflict
  • Youth
  • Education

After the genocide of 1994, the Rwandan government temporarily suspended history from the school curriculum. The characters in After Years of Walking - children, teachers, genocide killers, students and historians - all find themselves in an uncertain zone between the old history and a new one.

Foster Parents Plan's Mysterious Ways

  • Social affairs
  • Politics

When freelance photographer Karl Deckers realised he had not received any Annual Progress Reports about his foster child anymore for the years 1999 and 2000, he looked through the reports from 1992 to 1998. To his surprise, each year's report seemed to be more or less a copy of that of the year before. Deckers decided to go and have a look at the situation himself.

World Music on Three Continents

The popularity of world music has been on the rise in recent years. But often the countries of origin of the musicians in question are only in the news because of wars, disasters or economic crises. The story behind the music, the importance of it in society as catalyst for messages of development or warnings against AIDS, is never told.

New Belgium: a history of migration

  • Migration

BELGIUM - The thirty glorious years after the Second World War, that manic period of reconstruction and economic boom, have been decisive for the Belgium of today. The whole country was turned upside down. New jobs, habits and ideas replaced the old ones. At the end of those triumphant decades, Belgians were richer, freer and better educated than ever before.


  • Youth
  • Work

TURKEY - Two shy young men start to work in an all-inclusive hotel. A new, absurd world opens up to them. Colourful swimsuits, an abundance of food and the management’s demands ensure they will never be the same again.

Learning by doing: Young journalists in Environmental Investigative journalism in Finland

TAMPERE - Journalismfund.eu supports this capacity-building workshop for young Finnish journalists to upskill their Environmental Investigative expertise.

Climate change is here: preparing journalists for the 'coming storm'

TIRANA - This project will arm Albanian journalists with the necessary knowledge in order to be able to report on environmental issues to the wider public in a clear way.