PODLASIE - The project aims to present the issue of migration on the Polish-Belarusian border to the residents of Podlasie in an accessible and inclusive way. It assumes the creation of a news website and the organisation of a series of meetings in border towns.

Target group

The main beneficiary will be the inhabitants of Podlasie, for whom an information portal with a newsletter will be prepared. Live meetings will be organized for local residents, during which documentary materials will be shown and a discussion will be held. These meetings are aimed at broadening horizons, introducing migration issues, opening space for discussions, expressing doubts and asking questions. The aim is also to promote the news portal as an alternative source of information.

Goals of the project

The main  goals of the project are:

  • raising the awareness of the inhabitants of Podlasie, minimising fear and introducing the issue of migration and the reasons why foreigners come to the Polish border.
  • creating a new medium - an information portal, which will be a source of current information also after the project has been completed.
  • creating a series of materials with the participation of the residents, addressing their needs and responding to their doubts and fears.
  • expanding the audience of Czaban robi raban channels.
Team members

Piotr Czaban

Piotr Czaban is an independent migration and human rights journalist from Podlasie, Poland. 

Małgorzata Rycharska

Małgorzata Rycharska is a humanitarian activist and journalist from Milanówek, Poland. 

€11.800 allocated on 31/10/2023

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