Luuk Sengers is a Dutch experienced investigative journalism mentor, who specialises in storytelling, data journalism, climate, pollution and big corporations.

He is co-developper of Story-Based Inquiry, a method for planning, executing and telling investigative stories. He co-authored “Story-Based Inquiry. A Manual for Investigative Journalists” which since its first publication by Unesco in 2009 has been successfully applied by thousands of journalists and researchers and is called by colleagues a “benchmark” for education in the field.

Since then, he has trained thousands of professionals and students on five continents. He helps media, investigative teams and NGOs organise and carry out investigative projects. He is a mentor for investigative reporters of several Dutch newspapers and he supervises the master theses of investigative journalism students.

He consulted for NGOs including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International and Oxfam and is a regular speaker at IRE, GIJC, CIJ and Data Harvest conferences.
He is also an investigative reporter: for the leading Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer he writes about the impact of corporate power on our environment and climate.

Luuk Sengers

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Luuk Sengers
Journalist, teacher and trainer
Storytelling, data journalism, climate, pollution and big corporations

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AMSTERDAM - The official handbook of the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists covers the internationally renowned Story-Based Inquiry method: a fast and effective way to organise and carry out journalistic research. Around it, the authors discuss the social, psychological, legal, financial, ethical and societal aspects of investigative journalism.

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