Mohammad Bassiki is an investigative journalist and researcher focusing on policy analysis and economics of Syria and the Middle East.  

He is the founder of SIRAJ (Syrian Investigative Reporting for Accountability Journalism) Network. He is also a writer for Al-Monitor and Ambassador of Hostwriter in MENA and "Unbis the news" book editor.

Bassiki’s investigative articles cover the Syrian conflict and its impacts - corruption, follow the money, human rights violations and refugees.

Mohammad Bassiki

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Mohammad Bassiki
Investigative Journalist
policy analysis and economics of the Middle East

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Syrians pay tax to rebuild after war but see little benefit

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption
  • Politics

DAMASCUS - The Syrian government has raised billions of Syrian pounds to rebuild war-stricken cities through a "reconstruction tax." But where does the money really go? A joint investigation by OCCRP, SIRAJ, and Finance Uncovered, supported by's Money Trail grant programme.

Camel Trafficking From Syria

  • Armed conflict
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

Over thousands of camel shepherds have fled Syria to the European Union, crossing the sea and mountains to seek refuge following the tragic ongoing war, that has changed their lifestyle with loss of camels to illegal trafficking.