Nemanja Rujević is an author and editor for the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Nemanja publishes reports and analysis in Serbian, German and English. Rujević is also a regular correspondent for Belgrade weekly magazine Vreme and writes columns for Danas, a newspaper. He has contributed to investigative stories for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) regarding dubious German investments in Serbia. He also provides comments on the political situation in Serbia and Germany in various talk-shows.

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Nemanja Rujević

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Is the EU’s craze for lithium fueling destructive mining operations in Serbia?

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BELGRADE - In Serbia, there is a lot of lithium, money and political interest at stake. Under the farming lands of its Jadar valley, geologists from mining giant Rio Tinto found Europe's largest lithium deposits - an amount enough to produce at least one million electric car batteries a year.