Prune Antoine (1981) is an independent journalist and author. She was born in France and based in Berlin since 2008, after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels and Paris.

Her stories, either print or multimedia, feature mainly the rubbles and contradictions of post-sovietic space. Travelling extensively from Central and Eastern Europe to Russia, Caucasus or Balkans, she tackles political and social issues related to women, communist heritage and conflicts.

Her pieces have been published by L'Obs, Geo, Médiapart, Le Monde, Vice, Arte, The Guardian, Madame Figaro, Elle…amongst many others.

Her first non-fiction book "La Fille & Le Moudjhidine" came out in France in 2015.

Prune has been awarded two times the Prix Louise Weiss du journalisme européen, the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon, shortlisted for the European Press Prize and supported by many grants (, SCAM…).

Prune Antoine was selected for the 2013 European Press Prize shortlist with her ‘Prune Antoine Columns’

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Prune Antoine

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Kaliningrad, invisible battleground

  • Politics

KALININGRAD - The case of the Russian province Kaliningrad has been causing a war of nerves between East and West. Reports about re-militarisation and information warfare are reminiscent of a Cold War 2.0. Is Europe turning back to a bipolar logic?

Organ Trafficking in Kosovo

  • Healthcare
  • Trafficking

PRISTINA - Between 1999 and 2001, Kosovo's Liberation army, the KLA, possibly used Serbian war prisoners' organs to supply illegal organ trafficking on a massive and international scale, under the eyes and maybe even with the collaboration of the international community present in the country.